aaam-logoAAAM is dedicated to the teaching of Aesthetic Medicine to licensed physicians who have a scientific and clinical interest in exploring and expanding the aesthetic medical facet of their practice. Regardless of specialty and experience level, AAAM membership and course participation are open to a wide variety of medical specialities: family and general practice physicians. dermatologist, obstetricians/gynaecologists, emergency medicine, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, and aesthetic medicine physicians, to name a few.

AAAM provides quality education for the development of clinical skills in Aesthetic Medicine by organizing courses and workshops throughout the United States, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Taught by our worldwide faculty who are experts in their respective fields, this clinical training equips aesthetic medical practitioners with the latest national and internation techniques, technologies, pharmaceuticals and programs that focus on Aesthetic Medicine.

AAAM is an exclusive USA member of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine, (UIME) comprised of 29 members sociaties and 20,000 members. AAAM courses are uniquely recognized in the USA, Asia, Australia and the Middle East by the UIME. Through our Board Certification courses, physicians gain comprehensive education and technical training in the evolving science of Aesthetic Medicine.

AAAM Board Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

AAAM Board Certification Courses are open to all licensed physicians, regardless of specialty. The course are offered in three parts described below, culminating in your Board Certification. Each level must be completed in order and none may be skipped, regardless of knowledge or experience level. AAAM Board Certification is good for 10 years. AAAM Board Certification is not a license to practice.
AAAM was founded by Michel Delune, MD a Belgian dermotologist with over 25 years of clinical and research experience. Dr. Delune, together with other leading physicians in the national aesthetic medical societies from Italy, France and Spain, formed the first International medical society dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine, the Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique, or the UIME. AAAM’s scientifc program is the highest profiled program found in the world. All materials are always presented in a none-commercial enviroment, free of any commercial bias.